Visceral Entrainment

Self Defence

reflector (slurpher )

Self Defence, Personal Safety ~ [email protected]

Enterinterji ~ The essence of all fighting

Progressive Fighting Systems

Jeet Kune Do ~ JKD

Wing Chun

Filipino Martial Arts  ~ Kali,Arnis,Escrima,Panajakman & Panatoukan

Boxing ~ Western, Chinese & Filipino

Gracie Brazzillian Jiu Jitsu ~  BJJ/Vale Tudo

Grappling/Anti Grappling ,Wrestling ~ Judo, Western, Greco Roman & Nordic ~ Glema

Russian sombo/Combat Sambo & Systema 

Taj Chi ~ Combat Tai Chi

Savate  ~ French Foot Fighting

Krav Maga/Kap Ap

Indonesian Penjak Silat/Butchi Negara

Dim Mak/Bagua  ~ Pressure/Nerve Point Awareness

Mma ~ Mixed Martial Arts  


Self Defense, Personal Safety ~ Is often overlooked, although you may prioritise everything else in your life, well without you, none of the other things will happen.

the world has always been a violent place, the world at present seems to be upside down & inside out,

[email protected] provide a reflective service for you or your group ( family or colleagues ) so that you may unveil the visceral responses that will save your life in a violatory encounter irrespective of how it manifests its self, very simple ruthless visceral application, in a reflective of situation manner, working with your natural responses as opposed to slow cognitive techniques ~ covering all your Self Defense, Personal Safety requirements