Visceral Entrainment

Neutral Eyes

Neutralising Conflict ( Hostility,Aggression & Violence ) 

in the work/study place via Visceral Awareness

Raising Visceral Awareness

An initial triage/analysis visit is taken to your establishment, to establish your unique requirements in your own words from your staff/employees & management,  for example what are the dynamics that they may face re; a school & frustrated parents of a pupil with a disability are acting in a hostile manner or for instance inappropriate behavior from another member of staff or perchance covering the topic of radicalisation in our work/study places, essentially the ability to cope with all potential conflict that may lead to violence/violation

£150 not inclusive of travel expenses

Reflective Functionality ( Visceral Entrainment )

The physical & psychological measures that are required to reflect all situations should or as they arrive, a team of 3 people from your establishment, one coordinator plus a female & male member of staff ( they will be your in house entrainers as you already understand your establishment dynamics  ) your team will attend no more than three 3hr entrainment sessions here in Shropshire to attain proficiency with scope for the coordinator to return should they deem it necessary as & when there is a legislative change perchance

£300 per group session no more than 3 for proficiency & certification

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