Visceral Entrainment

[email protected] Sacred Space

 A medium to unveil the Sacred Space in all things, especially you


The only way out

Is in

Ride Deep

From Bee's to Tipi's &  All between

sacred bees ,a not for profit self sustaining project

Promoting natural bee environments working with & in harmony with bees for we are both 

Creatures of the Delicate Dance

that we call life!

( a self sustaining not for profit project )

[email protected] Gold

( prospecting in your area )

Bayston Hill Gold  comb honey available now

( if you live within 7 miles of a hive then beneficial, specifically to you & your family )

Dreaming Of Tipi's ( Sacred Space )

[email protected],s great friends @ My Tipi

are the go to people for quality handmade Sioux Tipi's

plus all the furnishings that you may require

from fire bowls to Mongolian sheepskin rugs

[email protected] Sacred Space

started as a Tipi hire service, so even though we are forever changing shape & adapting we still dream of Tipi,s so what better way than give you a direct link to the source of merryment & wonder that is

My Tipi