Visceral Entrainment

Health Defence, Personal journey

Enterinterji ~ Personal Journey

Health Defence/Personal Journey ~ Per(ph)ection

Enterinterji ~ The Essence Of All Healing

Regressive Healing Synergy

Fillipino Carrenza ( The Beloved Dance )

Yoga( Hatha,Nauli,Pranayama & Kundalani )



Chi Gung/Taj/Tai Chi/Dynamic Tension


PH Balance

Subconcious Holistics  ( Deja ~ Vecu )

Mediation Not Meditation    

Energetika Matrika

Primal Motion

Vitum ~ Chi,Ki, Prana, Vril

Mma ~ Mixed Movement Arts

Post Traumatic Growth


Health Defence/Personal Journey~ where ever you may find yourself on your personal journey , you may be a surface dweller of whom just keeps moving, not that moved by things or you may be the 1 in a (1)000 of whom likes to delve a bit deeper & provide your own solutions from within, someone of whom doesn't give their power away via beliefs ( leaving the self in increments ) that 1 in (1)000 of whom sees that they are the answer to their issues, they see all things through their eyes ( the centre of the proposed universe ) ~ [email protected] provide a reflective service for you & or your group ( family/loved ones or colleagues ) to unveil this [email protected] ( Infinite ) potentia within us all to aid & reflect your Health Defence/Personal Journey via Visceral Entrainment