Visceral Entrainment

Enterinterji/Subconcious Holistic,s,Healing,Health

lee jun fan ( bruce lee )
Enterinterji ~
In essence  the essential essence of jeet kune do ~ jkd

Unfortunately for most they feel that jkd is eclectic ( gathering a plethora of arts , that can only ever over burden the cognitive ( your workings of the brain under pressure )

When in fact  jkd is about changing shape & utilising our innate skills to remedy any given situation, not accruing more & more techniques ,

Rather shedding more & more to unveil  our innate qualities, so that we may see every CONfrontation is actually a battle with a manifested component of our own inner turmoil , projected in front of us, to deal with ( emit ~ time )

Fighting or Healing, the journey is on the inside so the Healing component of Enterinterji is via Subconcious Holistic,s & deeper into the Particle & the Wave with Energetika Matrika towards balance ~

Headphones reccomended