Visceral Entrainment

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Visceral Entrainment
 ( Enterinterji )
 The essence of all fighting without fighting & healing 
( The Path ov no Path )

Main Services provided

Visceral Entrainment

 Self Defence
 Preservation, Personal Safety
  Enterinterji, Jeet Kune Do ( JKD), Fillipino Martial arts (Kali, Arnis, Escrima, Panatoukan, Panajakman, Dumog,) Savate (French foot fighting), Russian Combat Sombo/Sambo, Gracie Brazilian Jiu Jitsu ( BJJ/Vale Tudo ), Grappling/Anti Grappling, Weapon Crime Survival,
International travel safe, Neutralising Hostility, Aggression & Violence, Progressive Fighting Systems. 
Health Defence
Perfection, Personal Journey
 Subconscious holistics, Matrika Energetika, Healing, Carreanza, Taj (Tai) chi, (Chi Gung), Piliates, Yoga ,Vitum (Pranayama,Chi, Ki, Vril )
Mixed Movement Arts, Regressive Healing Synergy, Post Traumatic Growth. 

Space & Thyme
 ( Entrainment service for  Home & Garden )
Sacred Space
  ( Bee's to Tipi's ) 
  •   Shrewsbury,Shropshire, England UK SY3 0AE

 ( The peripheral service's are infinite ( [email protected] ) as they are reflective of you or your groups requirements )

Private semi/private & group sessions available
Corporate enquiries welcome
Plus trainers that wish to entrain others

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Visceral Entrainment ( Self/Health Defence ) / Sacred Space ( Bee's to Tipis  )/ Space & Thyme ( Home & Garden )