Visceral Entrainment

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Personal Journey,Holistics (Per(ph)ection)
Personal Safety,Self Defense (Preserv@ion) 
Visceral Entrainment
 ( enterinterji ~ the essence of all fighting without fighting & healing )
Main Services provided
 ( the peripheral service's are infinite ( inphun@ ) as they are reflective of you or your groups requirements )
Personal Journey,Holistics (Per(ph)ection) ~
Neutral eyes
Regressive healing synergy 
Subconscious holistics 
(Ph) balance awareness 
Promoting the responsible utilisation of hemp
Hieros gamos
hierophantic so ~journe
inphun@ my ~ sage
primal aid
self mediation
Personal Safety,Self Defense (Preserv@ion) -
Neutral eyes 
Inter/National Travel Safe
Weapon Crime Survival
Anti rape 
Vehicle/vessel safe 
Anti bullying 
Family/home  safe 
Anti stalker/menace
Snr citizen/home safeguard 
Hieros gamos 
Group mediation 

Private semi/private & group sessions available
Corporate enquiries welcome
Plus trainers that wish to entrain others

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Path ov no path